"The music has to do with the soul and being sensitive to it is a particularly auspicious form of barbarism. Music captivates, moves and deeply affects."

(This quote about music by Bourdieu, as cited in Hormigos, 2000, p.115)


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About me...

My first contact with lutherie was through a hurdy-gurdy. That's how, with a wooden wine box, clouds of dust, and a lot of enthusiasm, I got down to work. When I finished "that instrument" (thanks to an old guitar teacher), I met luthier Cesar Arias. Discovering that workshop left me captivated, and for the first time, I understood how wood and music went hand in hand in that place.

Being of an inquisitive nature, I took a different path and decided to study Sociology, but with lutherie still in the back of my mind. And so, at the end of that university journey, I jumped into the field of lutherie and started making wood shavings with the help of master Ramón Casal at the Escola de Artes e Oficios de Vigo (EMAO). After the first year, I enrolled in the Basque School of Lutherie in Bilbao (BELE) where I learned for three years under the guidance of Unai Igartua, Luís Artola, Jabier Guraya, and Ander Arroitajauregui. The school opened the doors for me to attend training courses with professionals such as Silvio Levaggi, Michele Dobner, Philip Ihle, and Sergio Chanquía, among others.

It was here where I met luthier and friend Carlos Barrós and Blai Sintes (Bilbao) who supported and helped me complement my school training.

In the last year of studies, and after its completion, I had the opportunity to do work and training stays with Asier de Benito (Valencia), José Catoira (A Coruña), Naiara Maiztegui (Barcelona), Pablo Sanz (Valladolid), and finally, thanks to an ERASMUS scholarship, I traveled to Cyprus where I had the privilege of training with Stepan Soultanian, which helped me refine my discipline and work technique.

Currently, I have my own workshop in Cambre (A Coruña) where I provide a service to stringed musicians with professionalism, quality, and closeness.

Our objective

The concerns of a musician with their instrument are many; they are travel and life companions. With us, you will find the best advice for your instrument. We rely on a thorough analysis, providing a comprehensive diagnosis of the instrument and pursuing a final improvement that meets the musician's demands.

What we offer

A personalized service for students and professionals of the bowed string family. Assembly, repair, restoration, and construction. Frog work and bow maintenance. We adjust budgets to your needs. Contact us without obligation.

Rúa Miguel González Garcés, 9 Baixo

15660, Cambre

A Coruña

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Monday - Friday : 10:30 - 14:30 & 16:00 - 20:00

Saturday - Sunday : Closed